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text icons: twilight / the little vampire

I do like the Twilight series, but I often remember one of my favourite series when I was little - The little vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. It was very popular here in Germany and there were various tv series and a US-film. Everybody's talking about twilight & Edward now but I was missing the old school vampire and so I decided to make some Twilight vs. Little Vampire text icons, just to spread some vampire spirit :)
The little vampire is called Rüdiger in German (his friend Anton is called Tony in the English version) and I didn't know how he was called in the English translation of the books, so I put Rüdiger on the text icons. I saw on imdb that he was called Rudolph in the latest film, but I didn't really like that.
Don't take it too seriously, everything was just about mixing fandoms altogether and having fun :)
Here there are... 23 text icons!

01-14: Twilight / The little vampire
15-19: Dracula /Twilight orientated text icons
20-23: Twilight / Dracula / The little vampire / Harry Potter text icons.

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15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

20. 21. 22. 23.

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